Luggage Guide

luggageThese days, there is such a wide variety of luggage options, it’s hard to choose which is the best for your next trip. When it comes to deciding, think about either the kind of traveler you are or the type of luggage you’re looking for:

By Traveler:

Family – When you travel as a family, you need to make sure you can spot all of your luggage. Try investing in a matching set that’s easy to spot in baggage claim and if your children are small, try luggage that rolls so it’s easy for them to transport.

International – Traveling abroad can be difficult because there are many instances when you’ll carry your luggage with you. That said, try choosing luggage that is lightweight and rolls. Or – invest in a travel backpack.

Business – Since business travel is usually only a few days, try sticking to carry-on luggage and a laptop case. That way, you’ll have all of your belongings with you and won’t have to worry about your luggage being lost.

By Type:

Sets – If you travel often, luggage sets are a great investment. Depending on the brand, you’ll get several suitcases in various sizes, so you can pick and choose which to use based on how long you’ll be gone or where you’re going. Sometimes, you’ll also get a duffel bag and a garment bag also.

Duffel bags – Duffel bags are great if you’re traveling for just a few days. Since they have no rigid shape, they can fit easily into a car or a plane overhead and are great for packing bulky winter clothes.

Garment bags – If you’re a frequent business traveler, a garment bag is a must. These bags let you hang your clothes up and then fold the bag in half to avoid wrinkling dress shirts, dresses, suits, and more.

Carry-on – Going somewhere for just a few days? Take your luggage on the plane with you in a carry-on bag and you won’t have to worry about losing it. The average size of carry-on luggage that is acceptable on a plane is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches.

Just remember – no matter what kind of luggage you’re traveling with, our PHL parking members will gladly help you unload it from your car and load it back up when you return!