8 Ways to Unplug from Work on Vacation


Taking a vacation and being able to completely unplug is tough these days – especially with the amount of technology that’s available to us. Do yourself a favor and leave your work behind by following these eight tips from our PHL Airport parking company:

Find Enough Coverage

If your job can be done by other employees, find enough coverage for yourself in advance. This way, while you’re away, you won’t be worrying about whether things are getting done or not. Just make sure you give you and your coworkers enough time to work something out.

Don’t Take Your Office with You

If you take along your laptop, work phone, tablet, and other office devices, you’re going to be tempted to use them. Do yourself a favor and leave them at home so that you don’t have access to them and can’t be distracted.

Remind Yourself You Deserve It

Many people don’t bother to use their vacation days, however, studies show that taking a vacation can not only make you happier, but it can improve your health. Don’t feel guilty for taking time off of work – in fact, remind yourself that you work hard and you deserve a break.

Plan a Buffer Day

Getting back to reality can be tough, so give yourself a day or two to wind down from your vacation and prepare to jump back into work and anything you may have missed. This way, you won’t feel anxious as your vacation comes to an end.

Keep Clients Updated

If your vacation plans come at a time when you’re working on some important items, make sure you inform your most important clients about your upcoming absence. By letting them know in advance, they won’t expect you to be as available as you usually are and will be patient about the work that needs to be done.

Have a Detailed Out-of-Office Message

Instead of just setting a simple “I’m out of the office until – ” message, leave details about what someone who wants to get ahold of you should do. Let them know that there may be someone else that can help them or a specific day that you may be available to answer to their issue.

Set Limits for Yourself

It’s ok to check in with work while you’re on vacation, just as long as you set a limit for yourself. Allow yourself one hour per day to check emails, or set aside one day while you’re gone to answer calls. By limiting yourself, you can still feel unplugged.

Travel off the Grid

If you really want to get away, why not plan a trip to somewhere with minimal cell phone service or wifi? You’ll truly be able to sit back and relax knowing you’re not missing out on anything work-related.